Fleet Planner

A full featured schedule system for online management of commercial vehicle fleets, including maintenance order scheduleing, technician scheduling, and driver or delivery scheduling.

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Digital, No-Contact, Safe and Secure Sign In Sheets. SignInSafe provides a safe and secure way of allowing people to sign-in.

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Developed for non-profit organizations to manage child sponsorship programs.

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BTSubmit enables automated submission of work orders to the transit authority. Data is automatically extracted from an existing EAM system, converted to formats approved by the transit authroity (XML, or JSON) and automatically submitted. Work order information can also be based on report data (eg. csv, xls) and submission can be automated.

Airport Manager

For small airport operations, Airport Manager handles y tracking and provides online employee time tracking.

360 Schedule Engine

The 360 Schedule Engine allows you to see your entire environment in a single glance. The 360 schedule engine allws you to schedule your resources and see their availability at the same time. All resource calendars are integrated so eveyone has the latest updates.

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Services that make sense!

IT Security Consulting

In the world of IT security, keeping your data safe and secure can be challenging. Taking a proactive approach, we can greatly reduce your risks, and increase the security in your environment. Ask us about our full range of security solutions today.

Custom Business Solutions

Every business has unique challenges and unique requirements. Sometimes using "off the shelf" technology to address your business needs simply doesnt provide a efficient or effective solution. We conduct full business analysis of your requirements, and design custom solutions specific for you.

IT Project Management

We take a hands on approach when you engage our services delivery team. Working with you to create a well defined plan, we reduce risk and achive sucessful results. On time, on budget, always secure!